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Express yourself with emojis instead of talking

What Is Emoi XoX

Emoji XOX is a fun, enjoyable and 3D NFT project consisting of different Emojis. The project believes in using art to spread energy, fun, creativity and humor. Emoji XOX aims to enable many people to express themselves without speaking. In the NFT world, it aims to enable people to express themselves using XOX without being verbal or written in any way.


As a team, we always wanted to produce entertaining content, have fun and advance in this field of art. When the time came, we realized that this was possible. We decided to bring our art, fun, humor and 3D designs to our fans. Join this fun family and take your place and let's dream and realize it together. While always producing content in this fun world, we wanted to create a world where you can define yourself without speaking with XOX.

Discover Yourself

-Discover the art within you, the excitement within you, the talent within you and never give up, because we didn't give up.
-Always dream, be constructive, get rid of negative energies and enjoy life. Drop a cute Emoji XOX to life.

-Never give up on what you want to do, try to the end and reach your greatest goal. Crown these beautiful achievements with Emoji XOX.

Our Team

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Mrrbens / ARTIST

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Ugly / Developer


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